Agency Spotlight: East Coast Insurors, Palm Coast & Ormond Beach, FL

Your home is your castle and at Frontline Insurance, we know you would not trust such an important investment to anyone and neither would we. In our spotlight this month, we introduce East Coast Insurors, who is celebrating their 38th anniversary this July and is one of our Elite Agency Partners. All this experience means they know just how to protect you against the special risks of living in Florida’s Volusia and Flagler counties.

Steve Hall, owner of East Coast Insurors, began his career in insurance in 1973 as an underwriter, giving him insight into the operations side of the business. However, in 1975, he felt a call to the sales side of the industry. He secured a small office space in Daytona Beach and began the East Coast Insurors journey as a one-man business. In the beginning, he filled the niche of hard to place risks and specialty lines for private individuals. Then in 1992, he expanded his business to include commercial lines as well and has served the local businesses of Volusia and Flagler Counties ever since. Over the last 38 years, the company has grown to employ 14 professionals in two locations.

In 2009, East Coast Insurors joined the Frontline family. When asked about his relationship with Frontline, Steve Hall said, “We think our relationship with Frontline is special. Most insurance companies today are rules-driven operations with customer decisions being based solely on the underwriting and operational rules they have in place. When something comes up, these companies look at their rules book and give a thumbs up or down based on the book. No exceptions. Frontline certainly has these rules too, but it seems they have not lost the common sense approach to dealing with unique risks or situations that ultimately arise in insurance transactions. When warranted, Frontline has the ability to apply common sense to the situation to help our customer.”

East Coast Insurors is a full service independent insurance company, able to meet any personal or commercial needs. Mr. Hall does not believe in a one plan fits all insurance. Their independent status means they can work with many of the highest rated insurance companies to get you coverage that fits your needs. While, offering the standard insurance lines, they also specialize in mobile parks, rental properties and restaurants in the commercial field.

Mr. Hall has been dedicated to professional growth to insure that he can serve you best. As a result, he holds the designations of Professional Work Comp Advisor, Construction Risk Insurance Specialist and Professional in Human Resources and is a member of FAIA. In 2006, he was awarded Member of the Year by the Volusia Manufacturers Association. He also takes pride in serving his community through his articles, which are requested and published in multiple local papers and can be found on the company website. They are written to better help the relationship between agent and consumer, while they also serve to inform the reader of how changes happening in the insurance industry affect them. Some of his recent articles include, “Property Insurance Bill – Only a Start on Needed Reform” which addresses changes in Senate Bill 408 and was published in the Daytona Beach News Journal. Another piece, “Bid Your Insurance, Kill Your Business” discusses the topic of PRICE vs. VALUE; an important topic applicable to all lines of insurance, was published in the Volusia Flagler Business Report.

Fast Facts:

East Coast Insurors, Inc.
4845 Belle Terre Parkway #E
Palm Coast, FL
Phone: 386-446-3426

East Coast Insurors, Inc.
801 S. Yonge St.
Ormond Beach, FL
Phone: 386-677-4787

Facebook: East Coast Insurors

Frontline Insurance Agency Spotlight:  East Coast Insurors

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