Agency Spotlight: Tequesta Agency Inc


Have you just purchased a high value coastal residence? Or perhaps you’re looking at investing in vacation homes situated along the beach. Well, such properties are indeed huge investments that can provide wonderful returns and benefits. Even if you decide to utilize the property for your personal use, it remains a great asset.

Any property or asset that you possess ought to be well-protected with sufficient insurance coverage, ensuring that you don’t suffer financial setbacks in case of floods, thefts, fires, and other unexpected situations. It is always better to have that peace of mind when you own a highly valued coastal home.

Florida has always been a favorite location for those seeking to buy coastal properties. This is why Tequesta Agency has made it a point to provide outstanding insurance policies and services for coastal home owners. At the same time, the agency also aims to give the best in terms of commercial insurance, marine insurance, and employee benefits.

It’s not every day that you come across an insurance provider that you can truly trust and depend on because of the years of experience it has been in existence and because of the vast and well-known expertise it exhibits in the industry.

Tequesta Agency Inc. is certainly one such agency. Having been founded in 1965, it remains to be one of the strongest, if not the most excellent, in the area. The owners of the company are CEO Mark Kasten, President Geoffrey Mayfiled, and Vice Presidents Todd Hutchison and Patricia Sullivan. They are all active in managing the agency and continuously upgrading its policies and services in order to give the best value and customer support to clients.

Today, the agency is made up 47 employees who are all well-trained and experienced in the field of insurance including homeowners, boat, auto, flood and umbrella; commercial insurances like real estate, country clubs, and community associations; and employee benefits like group health, group life, and retirement benefits.

Tequesta Agency is also a supporter of the ALS Foundation and the Nicklaus Children’s Foundation.

In May 2013, Tequesta Agency entered a partnership with Frontline Insurance, an expert in providing <A HREF=””>insurance for coastal home owners</A>. Utilizing Frontline’s flood, umbrella, homeowners, and dwelling fire products has been a benefit for Tequesta’s clients because the latter actually specializes in high value coastal homes for the past decades. Thus, the two companies are a great fit for one another.

As the owners of Tequesta Agency always say, “In everything we do, we believe in finding solutions!” With this commitment, they have found an incredible partner in Frontline Insurance which offers amazing solutions for the protection of highly valued coastal properties.


Fast Facts:

Tequesta Agency Inc.


218 S. US Highway One, Suite 300

Tequesta, FL 33469

Phone Number:

(561) 746-4546


Twitter: @TequestaIns

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