Frontline Comes to Alabama

Frontline Insurance is now available in Alabama! We are excited to let Alabama residents in on what our policyholders in Florida and South Carolina already know: Having an insurer focused on coastal customers is like enjoying a day at the beach.

Alabama has some of the prettiest beaches in the world. With 60 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is an attractive magnet for both in-state visitors and out-of-towners. However, that coastline is also a magnet for extreme tropical weather. The state’s vulnerability to hurricanes, along with the tornado outbreak of 2011, restricted homeowners’ ability to find appropriate insurance protection. Now, as Frontline Insurance enters the marketplace, residents will discover an insurer who understands the importance of managing risks and helps coastal residents deal with them – through comprehensive, quality insurance protection backed by solid financial strength.

“Because coastal coverage for homeowners is a primary focus for us, Mobile and Baldwin Counties are a natural extension,” said Leman Porter, Frontline President. “We’re experts on helping our customers understand their risks, the details of their coverage, and creating comprehensive solutions including wind and flood, all in one package.”

Important attributes about Frontline: We put our all – every day – into delivering exceptional customer service and we fulfill our promises to policyholders with excellence in claims handling.

High Quality Customer Service

Frontline insurance policies are offered in your community through licensed, professional independent insurance agents. You’ll find that our agents treat their clients as individuals, not a policy number. That means you will get customized service with guidance to suit your individual needs.

When shopping for insurance, an important question to ask is about the financial strength of the companies you are considering. Your agent will assure you that Frontline is both highly-rated and financially sound. This is important because it means policyholders can be confident in our ability to be able to pay their claims. We’ll stand by you when you need us most. Frontline policies are underwritten by one of our affiliated companies, Fidelity Fire & Casualty Co. and First Protective Insurance Co. Both entities are rated A, Exceptional.

Experience our commitment to service with a tour of the Frontline website. You’ll find rich educational resources covering wide-ranging topics – from preventing damage from happening in the first place to understanding how your insurance works if things do go wrong. The smarter you are about insurance subjects, the better you’ll understand what coverage you need for the risks you face.

Expert claims handling

Frontline is already well known in the Southeast for its competitively-priced insurance and scope of coverage options. Our suite of insurance products is now available to homeowners in Alabama’s coastal counties, including owners of high-value coastal homes who may have been particularly challenged to find insurance in recent years. Additionally, we soon will be rolling out a property insurance product for Alabama residents living in coastal condominiums as well as a Flood Program.

Frontline is committed to quality and personal service, and we invite you to get to know us with an online quote.

Please remember that the comments contained in this blog are general in nature and that coverage under any specific policy of insurance will depend upon the terms and conditions of such policy.