Is Your Screen Enclosure Adequately Covered by Your Homeowners Policy?

Screen enclosures are widespread in South Carolina and Florida. When the wind blows and an enclosure suffers damage, does your current homeowners policy adequately cover your loss? Let’s try to determine if you need additional coverage for your screen enclosure.

A screen enclosure is any structure on your premises enclosed by screens on more than one side that is open to the weather. The enclosure is usually constructed with roofing materials that are different from the dwelling in which you live.

Any carriers extend coverage to screened enclosures automatically if the roof over that screened area is the same as your home.

What components are covered?

Generally speaking, the following enclosure components are covered by your homeowners policy: aluminum support systems, actual screening material and the labor costs to repair or replace the enclosure after it is damaged.

However, many homeowners insurance carriers cover enclosures at actual cash value. This means if your enclosure is six years old at the time of the loss, your insurance company will deduct for the wear and tear based on its age.

How will my deductible apply?

Different deductibles may apply to your screen enclosure based on the type of wind event causing the damage. Your All Other Peril (AOP) deductible applies if the wind damage is unrelated to a hurricane. When a named hurricane causes the damage, your hurricane deductible applies.

Other points to consider

Every carrier handles coverage to screened enclosures somewhat differently. Coverage to your screen enclosures may not be automatic, so it pays to check with your insurance agent now, before the wind blows. If you add a screened enclosure to your home, be sure to let your agent know in a timely manner.

Remember, too, that if a hurricane damages both your home and your screen enclosure and you did not purchase screen enclosure coverage, only the damage to your dwelling will be covered. This can significantly increase your out-of-pocket repair costs, so check with your agent today.

To learn more about screen enclosure coverage limits from $1,000 to $50,000 for your South Carolina or Florida home, contact a Frontline Insurance agent in your community today by visiting our Agent Locator.

Please remember that the comments contained in this blog are general in nature and that coverage under any specific policy of insurance will depend upon the terms and conditions of such policy.