Frontline Insurance: Giving Back

At Frontline Insurance we believe in the power of education. For this reason, we have partnered with the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program, benefiting Florida’s low-income, K-12 students. The program allows recipients to choose between a scholarship to help with private school tuition and fees, or a transportation scholarship to attend an out-of-district public school.

Our $760,000 contribution will impact the lives of more than 140 Students in Florida. These students will now have access to the schools that will better prepare them for their futures and insure a better quality of life in their years to come. Giving parents the freedom of choosing where their child attends school will not only improve the child and family’s life, but it will also have a positive impact on our communities.

Frontline’s President, Leman Porter, outlines our motivation for this partnership best. “With so many of our clients and employees based in Florida, contributing to the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program makes perfect sense. Investing in our community through the education of our youth is something that Frontline is proud to do, and we know there can be no better return on that investment than thriving students.”

Because our company started off in Florida, we feel as though it is our home and we want to do everything we possibly can to benefit the communities around us. We have employees who work all over the state, including our corporate office located in Lake Mary, Florida. Being able to help students throughout our home state is something we are incredibly excited to do.

Our commitment to Step Up For Students is just one of the ways we help plan for Whensday. Whether it’s helping students have better access to the tools that will help them learn or aiding our clients prepare for the ifs in life, our company thrives on preparing individuals for what lies ahead.


Step up for students gives low income Florida students a chance for a brighter future.

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