The Benefits of a Local Insurance Agent

Working with a local Florida or South Carolina Homeowners insurance agent offers you many benefits. Here are just a few.

A Local Agent Better Understands Your Risks

A local agent can act as your risk manager to help reduce your risk and better protect your family’s most valuable asset, your home. An experienced insurance agent will analyze your insurance needs and identify possible increased risk exposure.

Do you own a trampoline that the neighborhood kids love to use? Are you covered if one of them gets hurt? Many times, we purchase an item without notifying our insurance agent, perhaps a small boat or an all-terrain vehicle, and assume our Florida or South Carolina homeowners policy automatically covers losses involving that item. Having a local agent ready and able to answer your questions is part of the excellent customer service Frontline Insurance expects from our independent agency partners.

By choosing a local homeowners agent, you add a professional to your team. Just like your accountant, doctor or your family attorney, your local agent brings years of expertise and experience to help you make the best decisions to protect your family and your assets.

Trust Goes Both Ways

Your insurance agent should be a trusted adviser to your family. Your insurance agent must understand all the exposures your family faces to recommend the adequate insurance coverage you will need to make you while in the event of a loss. In today’s economy, families budget carefully to ensure they can both pay their bills and save for their future. It is always tempting to cut costs on your homeowners insurance when reviewing your Declarations Page. However, if you omit information on your homeowners insurance application hoping to save money, you may jeopardize critical coverage when you need it — when you present a claim.

At Frontline Insurance, we partner with a small group of elite agents that we believe are among the top insurance professionals in their field. Many of our agency partners have been in business for decades and are recognized in their communities for providing excellent customer service and a wide range of knowledge that offers sound insurance advice.

Customer loyalty goes a long way. Find an agent that gives you quality service you can trust and stick with them. While you may be tempted to switch agents or insurance carriers to save a few dollars, consider it carefully before you change. Over time, the peace of mind gained by knowing you can rely on your agent, who has your best interest at heart at all times, will be very reassuring.

The Benefits of Choosing a Local Agent

Here are a few additional benefits to choosing a local agent.

  • The ability to have face-to-face meetings in addition to telephone calls and email communication. Your agent can even visit your home to evaluate unique exposures, such as floating docks or
  • valuable art collections. Your agent also occasionally reminds you to update them about new purchases and any changes in your risk exposures.
  • Getting to know your local insurance agent provides continuity. You may talk with the same advisors who know your account personally each time you have an insurance question.
  • Many of our agents generously “give back” to the community that supports their business. This creates a family atmosphere that benefits both the agent and the customer. Our agents are truly concerned about their customers and not focused simply on earning a profit.

If you would like to find a Frontline Insurance agent in your area, visit our Agent Locator.

Please remember that the comments contained in this blog are general in nature and that coverage under any specific policy of insurance will depend upon the terms and conditions of such policy.