What Is “Other Structures” Coverage on My Homeowner Policy?

Today’s homeowner policies offer coverage for “other structures.” Most home owners review their policy and wonder, “What are other structures? I’ll ask my agent next time I talk to her.”

Most homeowner policies written by standard insurance companies, like Frontline Insurance, identify “other structures” as the examples highlighted below:

  • Guest houses
  • Pool houses
  • Detached garages
  • Storage sheds
  • Fences
  • Gazebos
  • Tennis courts
  • Barns

Most homeowner policies offer an automatic ten percent of coverage for other structures based on the replacement cost value of your home. This coverage is listed on your policy declarations page as Coverage B. For example, if you have $400,000 in Dwelling coverage for your main house, your policy would include coverage of $40,000 for other structures. However, in Alabama, other structures coverage is two percent of your dwelling amount and would offer $8,000 in other structures coverage based on the same $400,000 valued home. Be sure to contact your local agent for information specific to your home.

Here is one benefit of Other Structures coverage. The Other Structures limit is available in addition to your Coverage A – Dwelling limit of coverage. If a loss occurs to one of your additional structures in addition to damage to your main home, using any portion of your Other Structures coverage does not reduce the amount of coverage available under your Coverage A – Dwelling coverage limit.

It is important that you consider how you use each structure on your property, such as a guesthouse or detached garage. There are coverage limitations depending on how the other structure is used. If it includes a home based business or is tenant occupied, contact your agent for additional information as these occupancies are typically not covered automatically. Coverage may be available by endorsement, so it’s always best to check with your agent.

Frontline Insurance agents know that your home is as unique as you are. No matter where in the southeast you live – Alabama, North or South Carolina or Florida – your Frontline Insurance agent is there. Your agent can customize your homeowner policy to provide the specific coverage you need for your property. Whether you need additional limits or special types of coverage, your Frontline agent can help. For a Frontline agent near you, visit us online for a customized quote for your area.

Please remember that the comments contained in this blog are general in nature and that coverage under any specific policy of insurance will depend upon the terms and conditions of such policy.