Barbara and Ken – Frontline

My name is Ken and my wife an I are insured with your company. Recently we filed a claim with your company. As far as your company is concerned we couldn’t have been more happy with the professionalism in which your company handled this claim. The speed in which the Joe Taylor Company handled the water problems and the drying was terrific.

That same afternoon your adjuster Firmo was in my house and was very reassuring and professional. He kept in touch with us and was a calming influence. Never having gone through this, I asked him what our next step was. He told us we should get a company who can do all the repairs. He recommended Best Restoration. I spoke to Dennis the owner and the next day Bob his foreman was in my house. We went over the entire claim and I agreed to have them do all the work.
Best Restoration was incredible. We had 2 men in the house for the better part of 6 weeks. One of the men was Santo and the other was Bob’s son Mike. They came every morning at 9 and left after 5. There was never a thought on our part in leaving them in the house by themselves. In fact we began to feel like they were part of our family. The two of them took care of everything that needed to be done. Bob stopped in periodically to check and make sure everything was going well. Even their men who laid the carpeting were wonderful.
I can honestly say that if anyone I know is looking for him insurance, your company would be recommended by me in a heartbeat. As well as Best Restoration is concerned they are simply the best.

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