I think this is the first letter I have ever written to give praise to an insurance company. Frontline Insurance has been wonderful in taking care of a serious problem I had in my home. First and foremost I’d like to acknowledge that our Loss Recovery Specialist was my initial contact with Frontline. I found her to be attentive and reachable, also she handled everything in a very professional manner and expedited the project quickly. She was an absolute pleasure for me to work with.

She immediately sent “Armstrong West Restorative Services” (Armstrong West), to my home to evaluate the severity of the problem. The owner, came personally to review the situation. He was very calming and reassuring, and informed me that I was not to worry since I had Frontline, one of the best insurance companies in the industry (he was right). Mr.Colaiacomo and his entire crew went above and beyond anything I expected!
What could have been one of the most difficult times of my life, was not, thanks to these amazing people.

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