Did you know, 75% of water heaters fail before they are 12 years old? We’ve seen a lot in our decades of experience, and we use our Home Checkup to help make things better.*

Get a Home Checkup

  • phoneYou will receive a call from Preferred Reports to schedule a visit to your home.
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    Upon arrival at your home, a Preferred Reports team member will capture photos of standard items including, but not limited to, water heaters, water supply lines and electric panels.

    During the Home Checkup, our representative may also take photos of your property and any additional out buildings, such as garages or sheds.

Enjoy a Healthy Home

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    An internal team of experts will review the Home Checkup report and determine if there are any actions to take that may help you prevent a loss.**

    **Frontline may require prompt action by you in order to maintain or renew your Frontline Policy.

*The information in this website is general in nature. Specific information regarding your policy will be communicated to you in writing. Your policy terms and conditions will control.