South Carolina

Our comprehensive plans are designed to cover your future damages, no matter what weather is waiting on that beautiful horizon.

We’ve been taking care of waterfront residences for over a decade, so we understand the little things that go into making sure your life on the coast is secure. Our experienced agents, superior claims service and post-disaster programs are hard at work every day to protect your peace of mind.

Frontline Insurance promises a solid reputation of service and experience that includes…

  • Knowledgeable insurance agents who understand the South Carolina homeowners market and who reside in the heart of the communities in which they serve.
  • A skilled underwriting team who understands your needs when it comes to Carolina coastal insurance.
  • An onsite claims team staffed with licensed adjusters ready to help you get back on your feet quickly in the event of a loss.
  • Coverage for a secondary or seasonal single family home or condominium, even if your primary property is not located in South Carolina.
  • Multiple payment plan options that work best for you and a choice to receive paperwork via email or standard mail.
  • Simple steps that put you on the path to obtaining a South Carolina homeowners insurance quote.