Release Archive

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Release R21.01.27
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Updated the ACH/E-Check to Frontline’s new vendor FifthThirds Bank.
    • Updated the Wind Mitigation fields in the application to follow the Wind Mitigation Inspection form.
    • Added the “Amount to Reinstate” for policies that are cancelled for non-payment of premium.
Release R20.12.09
  • South Carolina DP3 Enhancements:
    • Added Tankless Water Heater Discount to quote and application phase with the effective date of 2/7/2021.
    • Added a Policy Deductible options of $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, $2,500, $3,000, and $5,000 to quote and application phase with the effective date of 2/7/2021.
    • Added additional limits to Other Structures, options now include limits of 0%, 2%, 5%, and 10%, to application and quote phase with the effective date of 2/7/2021.
    • Added Ordinance or Law coverage options of 10% and 25% to application and quote phase with the effective date of 2/7/2021.
    • Added new forms for Other Structures, the first form is the Other Structures Exclusion Endorsement when 0% is selected and the second form is Decreased Limits when 2% or 5% is selected.
    • Added a new form for when Ordinance or Law coverage is selected.
  • Activities
    • A new Activity is created to allow for agents to select notify Underwriting of the need to change the Effective date of policies. This activity is in the Activities menu and titled Effective Date Change.
  • Electronic Document Delivery
    • The Electronic Document Delivery question in the application phase is now defaulted to “Yes.”
Release R20.10.07
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements:
    • Change Roof Shape default changed from “Other” to “Select.”
    • Restrict the date of the NC HO3 New Purchase Date field to +/- 30 days from the effective date of the policy.
    • Billing Invoice can now be searched by year the same way policy documents are searchable.
    • Show an itemized table in the “Policy Snapshot” for Specific Other Structures & Other Structures- Rented to Others.
Release R20.09.09
  • Florida DP3 Enhancements:
    • Ordinance and Law coverage is now available for DP3 policies with a new business and renewal effective date of 11/4/2020. The coverage options are 10% and 25%.
    • Additional limits have been added to Other Structures for DP3 policies. The options available for Other Structures are now: 0%, 2%, 5%, and 10%.
  • Claims:
    • When viewing a claim, the Adjuster’s name and contact information will now be provided as well as the Adjuster’s manager’s name and contact information.


  • Qualifying Questions and Underwriting Questions:
    • When completing an application, the Qualifying Questions and Underwriting Questions will now need to be answered prior to binding the policy.


  • Credit Score Acknowledgement:
    • The acknowledgement for credit score has been moved and will now display when the reports are ordered.
Release 20.08.26
  • North Carolina Commercial Multi-Peril:
    • New addition of Commercial Multi-Peril Product in North Carolina is now available.


  • Print Documents:
    • Additional print documents are now available, including renewal Declaration Page and Evidence of Instance.


  • Georgia Secondary or Seasonal policies:
    • When Secondary or Seasonal is selected for HO3 and HO6 policies the requirement to provide the contact information for the person checking the home is no longer needed.


  • Company Specific Forms Library:
    • The Company Specific Forms Library has been updated to display the documents in alphabetical order for easier reference.
Release 20.07.15
  • Miscellaneous Improvements:
    • An “information” message as been added to inform producers that Stepdown has been removed from a quote or application when specific deductible combinations are selected.
    • When viewing quotes in the Recently Viewed Quotes screen the premium now display and “Quoted” will show in the status column.
  • Florida Discounts, Deductible Options and Occupancy Surcharge changes:
    • Multi-policy (HO3 Companion) discount: 5%
      • Available for HO3 policyholders who also have an active First Protective flood, condo, or dwelling fire policy.


    • Secured Community Discount for HO3:
      • Gated OR Guarded: 5%
      • Gated and Guarded: 8%
      • Please note the credit will be automatically applied for renewals if the gated/guarded questions were answered on the application.


    • Three levels of discounts for water leak detection systems for HO3 and HO6:
      • Sensor based with customer notification: 5%.
      • Sensor based water leak detection with auto shut off 10%.
      • Water leak detection that assesses flow of water with auto main water supply shutoff: 15%.


    • $1000 flat hurricane deductible option for HO3 policies, which is available for homes under 500,000 Coverage A. Please note the $1000 AOP must be selected in the quote.
      • This deductible option will not be available in the following counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Lee, Collier and Monroe.


    • HO3 – We have added a rating factor for Masonry veneer construction type that is a credit off the frame construction rating factor.


    • The occupancy surcharge of 10% applied to the base premium will apply to Seasonal AND Secondary occupancy on HO3 and HO6 forms.  Adding the surcharge for Secondary occupancy is new.  This surcharge will be automatically added for renewals where applicable.
Release 20.05.20
  • Claims Document Upload: The “Proof of Loss” document type is now available for selection as a document type in the Claims document upload drop-down.


  • Agent Locator: Improvements to the Find an Agent feature on the website provide increased speed and accuracy when searching for agents and agencies.


  • Payments: Insureds no longer have ability to make payments on cancelled or expired policies through the Customer Portal. Agents continue to have the ability to make payments on all policy types through the Agent Portal.
Release 20.04.22
  • Alabama Hurricane Deductible: A Hurricane Deductible is available for policies in Alabama with deductible options of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, and 10%. Additional Wind and Hail Deductible options are also available, these are of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and 1% in addition to the existing Wind and Hail options. The Hurricane Deductible is eligible for New Business and Renewal effective 6/27/2020. Deductible changes will only be allowed at renewal.


  • Alabama Coverage Limits: Amended the Dwelling Limit from $200,000 to $175,000 and established a rule for review and approve of submissions from $174,999 to $150,000. The coverage limit changes are available for New Business and Renewal effective 6/27/2020.
Release 20.02.26
  • Agent Locator: The agent locator on our Frontline Insurance website has been enhanced to improve the performance to provide better accuracy.


  • New User Titles: New user titles have been added to the drop down. The items in the drop down now consists of Admin, Commissions, and Inactive.
Version 3.11 - 11/22/2019




Homeowners policy types beyond Zone 1 are eligible for a flat deductible option for New Business effective date 12/19/19 and Renewals 2/22/2020.  Flat deductible options will be $500, $1000, $1500, $2000, $2500, $3000, $5000. Deductible changes will only be allowed at renewal.


Stepdown will not be available when a flat deductible is chosen.



Physical damage coverage for up to two golf carts will be available on homeowners policy types.  Coverage is available with or without collision.    


Effective for New Business 12/19/2019 & Renewals 02/22/2020.

Version 3.10 - 10/24/2019
  • Policy Change: The agent portal will now allow users to make policy changes during pending cancellation of a policy. If there was a policy change that was started and left (not bound), the user will be able to start another policy change. The latest policy change will override the first policy change that was started and left (not bound).
  • Customer Portal Registration: When a policy is bound from the agent portal, the customer will now have 30 days to finish the registration from the email so they can access their customer portal.
  • Additional Named Insured: The section for adding an additional named insured, will now be in a pop up. This will resolve issues when the additional named insured was not being saved.
  • Activity Email Preference: When a Producer admin clicks on “Manage Users” on the agent portal, they will have the ability to set an email notification preference for activity notifications for all their users on the group level screen.
Version 3.9 - 09/26/2019
  • Policy Document Upload: Ever upload a document in the portal and the screen did absolutely nothing? Now we have added an on-screen spinner to let the user know that there is a document being uploaded.
  • Address Verification: If the address the agents is entering is a PO BOX, then we no longer ask the users to verify the address. There will be a new toggle to choose if the address is a PO BOX.
  • Certified Icon: Agents will have the ability to see if a policy is Frontline Certified. YAY! Along with the certification icon, we have provided status updates through the icon itself. The icon will show when the policy is Home Checkup Pending, Home Checkup Review, Repairs Requested, and Frontline Certified.
  • New Purchase/Prior Coverage: If the insured’s home is a new purchase within 30 days of the effective date, Frontline Pro will no longer as for the prior coverage. Prior coverage will be required if the home is not a new purchase or outside the 30-day period.
  • Update Mailing Address During A Cancellation: Agents will no longer have to do two separate transactions for a cancellation and the mailing address change. We have added the ability to do a mailing address change during the cancellation transaction.
Version 3.8 - 08/29/2019
  • NC HO3 Discounts NB Eff 8/29, RN Eff 11/7:

New Purchase Discount – Listed under HOME DETAILS.


Tankless Water Heater Discount – Listed under HOME DETAILS. If the policy is bound after 8/29, Tankless WH discount can be added mid-term.


Number of water heaters is a new required field for all water heater types and has been added to the quote phase.


Location of water heater field is a new required field and has been added to the application phase.


Secured Community Discount – Listed under DWELLING PROTECTION & DISCOUNTS.


Claims Free Discount – Applies to the insured who has been with Frontline for three years with zero non-weather related claims in the prior three years.


  • Print Activities:

Agents have been asking for a way to print activities. So, guess what? We’ve listened! We added a “Print Activity” button on all activities where each individual activity can be printed or downloaded.


  • Drag and Drop Document Upload:

Uploading one document at a time just takes too much time. That’ why we have enabled the ability to drag and drop documents for uploading. This can be done in multiple places in the agent portal including trailing documents, activity documents, or on the policy documents.

Version 3.7 - 08/01/2019
  • Policy Notes: Agents have been asking for a place to view notes on a policy. So, guess what? We’ve listened! We added a new section in the Activity Tile labeled “Policy Notes” that will show all notes on a policy.
  • Print Quote Button: We got rid of the little printer icon that no one knew what it was used for. We’ve now made that little icon into a “Print Documents” button where agents can print their Quote PDF and Unbound Application.
  • Print Scheduled Personal Property: But wait there’s more! In additional to printing the Quote PDF and Unbound Application, agents now will have the ability to print the Scheduled Personal Property Detail PDF.
  • Policy Transactions Drop-down: Remember all the policy transactions that would create a separate tab and take up a lot of space on the policy details tile? Now we’ve introduced an enhancement to the transactions and can now be view-able in a drop-down menu by clicking the plus icon.
  • Application PDF Update: This has caused plenty of confusion to the agents and insures, so we’ve updated the application PDF to include the Stepdown Premium also in the Estimated Total Premium field.
Version 3.6 - 07/11/2019
  • Existing Account Match: Made page enhancements to be able to search for accounts, which will link multiple policies under one account. Also, users will have the ability to go back to this screen in the application phase of the portal.
  • Policy Change Reason: Added a column to the summary tile transactions that will show the reason for policy changes.
  • Claim Tile: Made page layout and performance improvements for a better user experience.
Version 3.5 - 06/10/2019
  • Claim Tile Improvements: Have made some user interface improvements to the claims tile. Users will now have a better user experience with the claims tile on our landing page and when viewing claims details.
  • Column Sorting: Users can sort columns on our main pages as well as our search screens. For example, users can sort by alphabetic letters or premium.
  • Activity Email Preferences: We have made some user interface improvements around our activity email preferences screen. Made it easier to tell if an agent is signed up to receive activity emails.
  • Disbursements: Added an additional section in our billing tile for disbursements. If there is a disbursement on a policy, we list out the amount paid, reason, and details for the disbursement.
Version 3.3 - 4/11/2019
  • Claims Tile: We have added a Claims Tile to our agent home page. Agents will now have access to claims on a single page. We provide claim details such as Policyholder Name, Claim Number, Date of Loss, Loss Type and Claim Status.
  • MSB: We have fixed an issue where agents were getting an error message “Unable to retrieve RCE” when accessing MSB.
  • Delinquent: Added the Delinquent Link in the header of the agent portal. There will also be a red flag to identify if there is a new delinquent policy.
  • Public Document Webform: On our website we have a “File a Claim” link where we have added a feature to upload documents to an existing claim. Users will have access to upload claim related documents directly using this new feature.
Version 3.2 - 3/14/2019
  • MSB:
    MSB button will be hidden for all HO4 and HO6 policy types.
  • Upload Documents to Activities:
    Fixed an enhancement to where the user can upload documents to existing activities.
  • Customer Portal Password:
    Added password guidelines for setting up a password on the Customer Portal.
  • Customer Portal Email:
    Added username credentials to the email that gets sent out on new bound policy.
  • Primary Email:
    Going forward, if signed up paperless, it will default to the user’s primary email address. (Primary Email = Paperless Email)
  • Inactive Users for Activities:
    Inactive users will no longer display under the activity assignment.
  • Company Name:
    Fixed an issue where the agent was unable to update the Company name once the quote was started.
  • Payments:
    Added a popup letting the user know they have 10 mins to process a payment or else the payment website will time out.
  • Default Current Date on Calendars:
    Added an enhancement to where the current date will be highlighted and easy navigation back to current date.
  • Invoices:
    Fixed an issue where the Invoices were not available. Now the user should be able to pull invoices.
Version 3.1 - 2/13/2019
  • Policy Documents: Policy Documents will default to show the current date documents minus 365 days.
  • Customer Portal Account Registration: Added an enhancement to eliminate our customer portal registration errors.
  • Existing Accounts Screen: Added enhancements to better identify what this screen does and made user interface changes. This screen will pick up matches by name and address.
  • Policy Change Performance: Increase the overall performance of how long it takes to rate a policy change.
  • Trailing Documents: Agents can only upload Trailing Docs on the Bind Confirmation screen when certain required documents are needed by UW. Other types of documents will no longer be required for uploading but can still be uploaded in the documents tile in the policy documents section.
  • Document Upload via Activity: Fixed an issue where the functionality wasn’t working as expected when uploading a document to an activity.
Version 2.4 - 12/18/2018
  • Trailing Document Reminder:
    Added a helpful reminder to all the agency partners that they will be responsible for keeping a copy of all required Frontline documents within their agencies. 
  • Account Management Portal – Remove Agent Number:
    When linking your policies in the insured portal, the user will no longer be asked for the agent number. 
  • Account Management Portal: 
    Made improvements to the registration process for the insures to register for their customer portal.
Version 2.3 - 11/20/2018
  • Billing Tile Refactor:
    Enhanced the tile to gather all information from a single source. There should be no more mismatch in premiums. Also, we will display the current terms information.
  • Claims Document Upload:
    Claims documents that are uploaded by an agent or an insured will display in the documents section. Once uploaded, there will be a friendly message letting the user know the document has been uploaded successfully.
  • Document Library:
    Updated the document library to generate from Frontline Pro. Will no longer need to go back to POS2 to access the document library.
  • State Column:
    Added a state column to the landing pages and the search pages.
  • Policy/Quote Searching:
    Added a new searching mechanism for policies and quotes. Search will perform faster and return better results. Partial searching is back!! No longer need to add the prefix or the leading zero’s when searching for a policy. Also, can identify the second named insured from the search results.
  • Outgoing Emails Redesign:
    Made improvements to the way our outgoing emails look to the agents and insureds.
  • Cancelled Activities:
    We are filtering out cancelled activities. They will no longer appear in your activities section.
  • Account Management Portal:
    Improved the registration process for the insures to register for their customer portal.
  • Account Management PortalRemove Agent Number:
    When resetting your password or forgetting your username, the user will no longer be asked for the agent number.
  • Coverage Limits:
    Amended the rule for Dwelling Limits in AL, NC and SC to only create an exception for review and approve on HV from $1M to $2M.  For Personal Lines.
  • Trailing Documents:
    Turned off all trailing document activities except for CTR, Wind Rejection Form, and Sinkhole Rejection/Selection form for Personal Lines.
  • Coverage Changes:
    Amended rules so that activities are no longer created for most policy changes unless UW review is required. For Personal Lines.
Version 2.2 - 10/25/2018
  • Paperless Field Label Change:
    Changed the label for “Paperless Document Delivery” field to “Do You Want Electronic Document Delivery?”
  • Paperless Pop-Ups:
    Added pop-ups during application phase in agent portal. The pop-ups appear if the insured does not initially want to sign-up for paperless document delivery.
  • Agent of Record (AOR) Activity Completion:
    Fixed issue where “AOR” activities were unable to be “completed” by the sending and receiving agent.
  • North Carolina Wind Only (NCWND) Application Coverage Change:
    Fixed issue where editing was not able to be completed on NCWND coverages, in the application phase, prior to binding the policy.
  • Wind/Hail to Hurricane Text Change (FL Only):
    In the Policy Snapshot section, a Label was changed. The label “Wind/Hail Percentage” was changed to “Hurricane Percentage.” This change was only for Florida policy types.
  • Preview Invoice Including Stepdown Premium:
    We fixed an issue where the Invoice preview was displaying a premium excluding Stepdown for certain cases. Now when a user previews the invoice, after bind, it will show a premium including Stepdown.
  • Policy Change Description:
    Added a description box when “Other” is selected for the Policy Change Type. This description will print on the document and will also be shown as the reason for the policy change.
Version 2.1 - 10/10/2018
  • File a Claim:
    Added the option to File a claim on a cancelled policy.
  • Customer Portal Registration:
    We no longer require an agent number when an insured registers for their Customer Portal account.
  • Portal Login in application:
    Portal Login will now be a required field. There is also a validation if the email address provided has already been used.
  • Claim Document in Customer Portal:
    When any new claim document is uploaded by a claims specialist, there will be a New Claim Document banner on the insured’s policy when they login to their Customer Portal.
  • Go Paperless Pop up in Customer Portal:
    There will be a Go Paperless popup when the insured logs-in to their Customer Portal account.
  • Auto Create a Customer Portal Account:
    On every new bound policy, there will be a Customer Portal account that is created. Portal Login will be the field used to capture the username. There will be a new welcome email sent to the Primary Emil Address on the policy to setup a password once the policy is bound.
  • Paperless Document Delivery:
    This field in the application phase will now be required to be answered prior to binding.
Version 1.25 - 10/01/2018
  • Primary Email (LLC):
    Added primary email as a required field for a “Company.”
  • Customer Portal Account Changes:
    This new feature is for the Customer Portal. When Account changes are made, an email will be sent to the insured letting them know a change has been made to their account. This feature will be a security upgrade to the Customer Portal.
  • Stepdown Policy Failure:
    This enhancement adds an informational banner if the Stepdown policy fails to bind with the Homeowner’s policy. This message will let the user know a failure has occurred and the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Go Paperless:
    Added a static message to let the user know to “save” prior to printing the paperless consent form to ensure the most accurate information is being printed on the form.
  • Vendor Portal:
    Made performance upgrades to the Vendor Portal allowing faster load times and layout changes.
Version 1.24 - 09/13/2018
  • Performance:
    Enhanced searching for a Quote or a Policy. This updated will allow searches to be performed better and faster by the user.
  • Added Document Upload Button to Activity:
    This feature allows the user to upload a document on a new or open Activity. This document will also be available to view in the Documents tile.
  • Document Link in Activity:
    Added a feature to be able to open a Document from an Activity.
  • Claims Document in AMP:
    This fix corrects the upload function of Claims documents in the Claims section of the Portal.
  • First Notice of Loss Flow:
    When there is a Catastrophe event, an enhancement has been added to allow a user to file a Hurricane Claim faster from the Agent Portal and Customer Portal. Also, updated the questions to make the claim flow faster and easier.
  • Claim Portal:
    Created a new Claim Portal on our website. Clicking “File A Claim” will take the user to our Claim Portal where they can file a claim online without needing to log-in to the Customer Portal.
  • North Carolina WIND Text Changes:
    • “Any known uncorrected fire or building code violations” has been added to the application phase of the Agent Portal.
    • Text changes on Forms, Documents, and User Interface: from “Wind Only” to “Windstorm and Hail,” and “Any known uncorrected fire or building code violations.”
Version 1.23 - 08/30/2018
  • Primary Email Required in Application:
    The “Primary Email” address is now required during the Application phase which will allow for additional communication options and further enhancements in the near future.
  • Default Policy Term Period:
    The default policy period in the “Billing” drop-down will now show the current term. Additionally, the current policy term will always show on the Policy Search screen and the Summary tab.
  • Weeks Rented Annually:
    For North Carolina Homeowners polices, the “Weeks rented annually” field will be locked down in the Application phase. A validation will be triggered when applicable.
Version 1.22 - 08/17/18
  • Pending Renewal Banner:
    Added a banner on Policy Summary screen when there is a pending renewal that had not been paid. This will remind users to make a payment before the policy cancels for non-pay.
  • Policy Document Performance:
    This enhancement focused on how Frontline Pro searches for documents and results in faster load time. Additionally we fixed certain document accessibility issues.
  • Policy Change- Invoice Payor:
    This fix corrected a bug where the payor was incorrect on invoices after a policy change.
Version 1.21 - 08/02/2018
  • Added “None” Option for Opening Protection:
    Added the option for user to select “None” from the dropdown for opening protection. The system will default to ‘None.”
  • Billing Tile label change:
    Added a feature to display “Current Payment” or “Next Payment” labeling under the Billing Tile in the agent portal. This will clarify what is due now or what is due next.
  • Primary Email Required on Claims:
    The email address is now required when filing a claim. This will help to ensure additional lines of communication to the insured through the claim process.
  • Notes in Activity from UW:
    Fixed bug that was preventing the formatting of notes to be consistent from underwriting. The formatting within the Activity Note, sent by underwriting, will carry through to the agent portal.
Version 1.19 - 07/09/2018
  • Added Notes to “Submit to Underwriting:”
    Added notes feature to “Submit to Underwriting” activity, for exception quotes. This will allow users to submit an Activity with a note attached within a Quote.
  • Company Type Dropdown:
    Added a field for Company Type as a dropdown for users that select “Other (LLC, INC).” This will provide clarity as to the type of entity the Insured Company is.
  • Green Hovering Text:
    This feature helps to highlight which section the user is about to select and helps with the overall look and feel within Frontline Pro.
  • Additional Named Insured on Forms:
    Enhancement in which Additional Named Insured now appears on Policy Forms along with Primary Named Insured.
  • Miscellaneous Performance Improvements:
    Fixes have been implemented to improve the performance of the Policy/Quote Search pages along with the Activities section.
Version 1.18 - 6/20/2018
  • Activity Email:
    Fixed issue that was preventing the Activity Notification Email from being sent to the agent for quote related activities.
  • Phone Number for Company Types:
    Updated formatting of phone number for “Company” insured types. The system will now only required a “business phone”.
  • Required Address Fields Fix:
    This fix addresses an issue that was causing risks to be bound without the City field being completed in the mailing address.  This field is now required and the system will prompt users when this field is blank.
  • Preview Invoice on Renewals:
    This fix removes the Preview Invoice button on renewals. The invoice should instead be accessed from the Billing Documents section.
  • Miscellaneous Performance Improvements:
    Several changes have been made to improve the performance of the Activities page.  This includes removing unused Tiles and relabeling Tiles to improve user experience and streamline the Activities functionality.
Version 1.17 - 06/07/2018
  • POS2 Policy Search Issue:
    Fixed issue that would cause the application to crash when a user erroneously entered an incorrect policy number in the policy search field.
  • Activity Enhancement:
    Added functionality that will cause activities in the activity list screen to be highlighted when the mouse hovers over.  This was requested so that users would be more aware of the expand capabilities for each activity.
  • Internal Activity Filter:
    Fixed issue that was causing Frontline “internal only” activities to be displayed in the agent portal, which was causing confusion. With this change, these “internal only” activities will no longer be displayed.
  • Recently Viewed Policies Performance Enhancement:
    Miscellaneous performance improvements to this page.
  • Wiring Type Description Fix:
    If “other” is selected for wiring type, a description must be entered by the agent in order to proceed with binding.  If this field is missed when clicking the bind button, an error will be displayed and the missing field will be displayed in the list of missing fields in the left hand menu.
  • Paperless Email Display Enhancement:
    The paperless email address is now displayed in the policy dashboard/policy details page just under the paperless selection field.
  • Flood Quote:
    Fixed issue that was preventing the “Create Flood Quote” button from displaying in the quote phase.
  • Agent Portal File a Claim Fix:
    Cancel button displayed in the First Notice of Loss screens was not operational. This has been fixed so that users can abandon the FNOL by clicking this “cancel” button.
Version 1.16 - 5/30/2018
  • Loss History Report Fix:
    Addresses an issue that would not allow users to reorder the Loss History Report after the Primary Named Insured or Additional Named Insured information was changed.
  • Enhancement:
    Removed Billing Details section from the Policy Details page so that all billing related information is now displayed within the Billing tile.  (Note that billing documents are still accessed through the Document tile – Billing Docs section)
  • Enhancement:
    Auto add losses based on data pulled from Loss History Report.  This information is now displayed in the Loss History section.
  • Enhancement:
    When renewal offer is active and a policy change is made to the expiring term, automatically apply the change to the renewal.
  • Enhancement:
    Auto logout page display improvements
  • Enhancement:
    Florida Mobile Home – new parks added.  (The Village of Lake Tarpon and Plantation Oaks of Ormond Beach)
  • SC Secondary Water Resistance:
    Corrected an issue where the Secondary Water Resistance was always defaulting to “none”.
  • Implement Insurance Score for Florida HO3 & HO6:
    There were many miscellaneous changes involved with this change.  Below is a list of the primary changes:

    • Insurance Score will be utilized for policies effective on or after 8/15/18 and can be quoted in the portal as early as 6/21.
    • A “simulated score” will be used to calculate the initial premium estimate.  This is achieved by the user selecting from a list of insurance score ranges and selecting the number of non-act of God losses experienced by the named insured.  The user must also check an insurance score acknowledgement in order to advance.  The insurance score range is defaulted in the portal to “Very Good” and the number of losses are defaulted in the portal to “0”.  (These fields are only displayed when State = Florida, Policy Type = HO3 or HO6, effective date of policy is on or after 8/15/2018)
    • We have added Prefix, Middle Name and Suffix to the list of fields used to capture the named insured and improve insurance score hits.  Agents are asked to ensure the proper legal name is entered at the time of quote.
    • The date of birth is now a required field in order to advance beyond the New Quote Details screen.  (This field is only displayed on the New Quote Details page when State = Florida, Policy Type = HO3 or HO6, effective date of policy is on or after 8/15/2018)
    • The social security number is displayed on the New Quote Details page.  Agents are encouraged to provide this information, but it is not required to run the score.  (This field is only displayed on the New Quote Details page when State = Florida, Policy Type = HO3 or HO6, effective date of policy is on or after 8/15/2018)
    • The ordering of the actual insurance score is achieved through a new button in the left hand sticky bar called “Order Reports” which also runs the Loss History Report.  This button is only enabled after the risk has been quoted using the simulated score. (This button is only displayed when State = Florida, Policy Type = HO3 or HO6, effective date of policy is on or after 8/15/2018
    • Prior address fields have been added to the New Quote Details page, Policy Applicant and Location Information section in both the quote phase and the application phase.  In the quote phase, this address is only displayed and required if the insured has lived at the current address less than 3 years.  In the application phase, it is always displayed but will be required if the insured has lived at the current address for less than 3 years.
    • If the Primary Named Insured information changes, users will be forced to reorder the reports.  (Applies to “Order Reports” button for insurance score policies and applies to “Order Loss History Report” for non-insurance score policies.)
    • Upon ordering reports, if any losses are found, the Loss History section will be displayed in the quote phase so that users can review any losses returned prior to advancing to the application.  *Note: This applies to insurance score policies only.  All other policies will still order the Loss History Report in the application phase.
Version 1.15 - 04/17/2018
  • Possible Account Matches Page Improvements:
    This fix removes the users need to select “Continue as a New Customer” if no account matches are found during transition from Quote to Application. If none are found you will simply proceed to the application.
  • Premium Message added to Transactions table:
    A message has been added above the Policy Transaction table indicating if the premium shown below does NOT include the “Step-down” premium. This appears on the policy service dashboard.
  • Prior Address Fields Added:
    Prior address fields have been added to the Application.
  • Removal of certain sub-topics when adding an Activity:
    This fix dealt with the subtopics listed when creating a new Activity. The list has been narrowed to include only specific topics in an effort to increase underwriting efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Burglar Alarm Child Question- should be required:
    Burglar Alarm “Alarm Type” secondary question is now required in the quote phase.
  • Policy Search- Pulling Wrong Effective Date in the search:
    This fix corrected the Policy Search functionality where previously a search would show the “transaction” effective date. Now the search results are based on the policy “effective” date.
  • Allow Exact Name Searching of Policies and Quotes:
    This fix allows the user to search for a policy or quote by using only the first 3 characters of the First/Last name or Company Name. This fix is intended to improve performance by narrowing the search results.
Version 1.14 - 04/12/2018
  • MSB Button: Fixed issue that caused the MSB button to display on the page twice.
  • Country Field: Fixed issue that was causing the country field to display in the risk location fields when the insured type was LLC, Corp or Other.  The Country field no longer displays.
  • Activity Assignment Enhancement: Users can now assign Activities directly to underwriting from the Unassigned inbox.
  • Quote/Submission Documents: Agents can now view documents uploaded to a quote. This includes documents uploaded by the agency as well as documents uploaded by underwriting.
  • Verify Address Fix: Fixed issue that was causing the address verification of the mailing address to be lost which resulted in the user having to verify the address again.
  • Activity Email Preference: Fixed issue that was intermittently blocking the Activity Notification email from being sent to the agent portal user.
  • Bite History / Required Field Fix: Updated the portal to require the bite history question to be answered when the parent question (animals or exotic pets) is answered “yes”.   If this field is missed, the portal will prompt the user to complete the missing field.
  • Quote and Policy Display Enhancement: The named insured’s first and last name will now appear in the left-hand menu of the quote and application, as well as the policy and quote dashboard screens.  This allows the user to easily identify the policyholder.
  • Quote, Application & Declaration Page Document Issue: Fixed an issue that intermittently caused the agency phone number to be missing from specific documents (named above).
  • Miscellaneous Policy Change Quote Fixes: Corrected several issues with the policy change quote letter.
  • NC HOW Underwriting Rule for Asphalt Shingles > 20 years: Fixed an issue that was preventing the underwriting issue from being triggered at bind.  With this fix, the system will prompt the user to submit the risk to underwriting for approval if the roof is greater than 20 years old.
  • Renewal Billing with Policy Change: Fixed an issue that was preventing the renewal down payment from updating after a policy change.  With this fix, as long as the renewal reminder has not gone out to the policyholder, any changes made to the policy will be updated on the renewal bill.
  • Commission Statement Download Issue (commission users only): Fixed an issue that intermittently caused the commission statement to error out when clicked by the user.
  • Address Verification Criteria Enhancement: Added new parameters for address verification that will result in higher success with address verification and prefilling of territory, BCEG and Protection Class.
Version 1.13 - 03/30/2018
  • NC HO3 vs. NC HOW version fixes: These fixes address issues that were causing the system to pull a “Wind Only” quote when an HO3 quote was desired.  It also addresses an issue where NC HO3 quotes were converted to “Wind Only” quotes.
  • Renewal Reminder Document Display: This fix addresses an issue that was intermittently preventing the renewal reminder document from displaying in the agent and customer portals.
  • Pending Cancellation Message: This fix ensures users can clearly see when a policy is in “Pending cancellation” status. A message is now boldly displayed in the policy dashboard.
  • Payment Plan Change Preview fix: This fix addresses a problem that was causing the pay plan change preview feature in the agent and insured portal to display an incorrect schedule on policies with the paired Stepdown Deductible policy.
  • Activities “Assign To” enhancement: Disabled the “Assign to” functionality when adding a note to an activity that is assigned to any underwriting queue or underwriting team member.   This prevents the user from mistakenly reassigning activities that are pending underwriting work/action.
  • Exceptions resubmit issue: Fixed and issue that was causing exception quotes to require underwriting approval a second time.  As long as the user does not change any padlocked fields, the user should not have to resubmit to underwriting.  This will improve ease of use for the exceptions process.
  • Completed Activities Fix: This fix addresses an issue that was causing completed activities to be stuck in the “Unassigned” queue.
  • Policy Search for Company insured types: This fix addresses and issue that was preventing policy search by company name.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to performance have been implemented. Additional fixes are being researched and developed as an ongoing effort to improve performance.
  • Policy Change Quote Letter Fix: Corrected display of prorated premium shown in the quote letter.
  • Earthquake Coverage Masonry Veneer Exclusion default changed to “YES” instead of “NO”. This means that the system default will exclude coverage for masonry veneer.
version 1.12 - 03/15/2018
  • Removal of Default Versions: This widely requested enhancement removes the default “less coverage”, “most popular” and “more coverage” defaults.  Users are still able to create and compare multiple versions, however the system suggested versions will no longer display.  This will also improve the performance of the load time for the coverage section.
  • Filter of Activities Based on Security Type: This enhancement will filter the activities which agent users can see. E., internal underwriting workflow activities will no longer display in the agent portal.
  • Canceled Status Indicator: This enhancement improves the visibility of the status of the policy when in canceled status. The indicator will now be displayed in a global level and can be viewed from any policy dashboard screen.
  • Billing Status of “In Good Standing” Fix: This field was causing confusion over the status billing vs. the status of the policies and has been removed from the billing tile. Instead, we have added the global policy status indicator as mentioned in the previous bullet point.
  • International Mailing Address: This enhancements gives agents the ability to enter a foreign address in the mailing address field for the first and second named insured.
  • Animal Liability, Inflation Guard, Refrigerated Personal Property, and Theft Coverage Fixes: This bug fix addresses the issues that prevented agents from quoting the above mentioned coverage without assistance from underwriting. Agents can now select these options and will not need underwriting assistance to do so.
  • Policy and Activity Search Performance: This enhancement provides significant improvements to the home page and activity page load times as well as the overall speed of policy search.
  • Invoice Preview Visibility Logic: This bug fix applies logic to when the “preview invoice” button can be clicked. The preview invoice can now only be accessed only until the first installment on a policy has been sent to the insured.  This tool is intended for agent users to provide an invoice immediately after binding a new policy and can now be accessed from the new business bind confirmation page and the policy dashboard billing documents section.
  • Submit to Underwriting for Policy Change Exceptions: This fix addresses a problem that prevented agents from submitting exception policy changes to underwriting during a policy change.  The “Submit to Underwriting” process now follows that of an exception quote, however if approved, underwriting will also bind the change for the agent.
  • NC HO3 Deductible Options: This bug fix addresses the missing deductible options for NC HO3.
  • Trusts and Additional Insureds Printing on Application: This is a document mapping fix that will now allow for trusts and additional insureds to print on the application.
  • Roof Year for NC Risks: The maximum roof age for an architectural shingle roof has been corrected in the system to 25 years instead of 20.
  • Roof Year Underwriting Rule Trigger: This fix will now ensure that the underwriting issue does not trigger until the roof age is “greater than” the max roof age instead of “greater than or equal to” the max roof age.
Version 1.11 - 02/27/2018
  • Fixed issue that was causing quote search to fail. This fix also improves the speed of the quote search. Note: Policy Search improvements are also being done and will come in a later release.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the Stepdown Deductible Credit % and Limit to be missing from the quote letter. This information is now correctly displayed on the quote letter.
  • Completed a fix relating to policy rewrites; particularly for effective date changes. Rewrites can now be done using the same policy number instead of a new policy number.
  • Enhancement: Added the “Underwriting Contact Email” to the agency information screen that is used by Frontline internally. This email address will be used for the delivery of the agency daily notification report that is currently being tested. ETA on the automated email report completion TBD.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing mortgage company loan number changes from being saved.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing a mortgage company with a PO Box or unverified address from being saved.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing use of the inline mortgage change functionality in the Frontline Pro Portal. The issue was causing the selection box next to the mortgage company to be unresponsive to clicks.
  • Fixed issue that was causing only the first page of multi-page TIF format documents to display in the Portal. This issue was mostly impacting the inspection document. The entire document is now viewable.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the 2nd named insured not printing on the following documents: Cancellation, Reinstatement, Non-Renewal and mailer pages.
  • Enhancement: An activity will automatically be created and assigned to underwriting any time reinstatement or repair documents are uploaded. The user must select these doc types from the doc type drop down list in the portal in order for this functionality to work correctly.
  • Enhancement: A warning message has been added to the POS2 system payment button in an effort to prevent payments from being made through the old system for policies that have renewed in the new system. In addition, a message is displayed in the POS2 policy screen that informs user of the Frontline Pro renewal.
Version 1.10 - 02/16/2018

Miscellaneous Fixes for Mortgagee & Payor Changes:

  • Addressed issue that prevented the use of the edit feature for inline mortgage changes.
  • Fixed the issue that causes the declaration page to intermittently print without the mortgagee name listed.
  • Fixed issue that prevented changing a policy from insured bill to mortgagee bill.

Miscellaneous Fixes for the Display of Billing Information in the Portal:

  • Corrected payment history table defects which caused incorrect information to be displayed in the table.
  • Enhancement: Relocated payment history table to the billing tile for ease of viewing billing information.
  • Enhancement: Added additional columns to the payment history table to provide the following:
    • Paid by (insured vs. mortgage)
    • Payment method (Check, ACH, etc.)
    • Applied Date
  • Enhancement: Removed the column that displayed policy change and cancellation credits as “payments” in the payment schedule table to eliminate confusion.

Other Miscellaneous Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Enhancement: The FL-HO6 policy has been re-enabled for the state of Florida.
  • When signing up for paperless the email address is now a required field.
  • Enhancement: When selecting the County, you can now simply select the appropriate county for your state from a drop-down list.
  • Fixed Issue where error was displayed when trying to view previous invoices.
  • Enhancement: The Delinquent Tile now only displays only Frontline Pro policies.
  • Implemented new underwriting rules for FL-HO6 relating to secondary & seasonal homes, mold coverage and minimum A&C combined limit.
  • Added 2nd named insured to Stepdown Deductible policy declaration page.
  • Added 2nd named insured to the Evidence of Insurance document that is generated from the Frontline Pro Portal.
  • Fixed issue that would cause the personal property limit to reset to 50% anytime the valuation type was changed while doing a new business quote (RCC vs. Actual Cash Value).
Version 1.9 - 02/02/2018
  • Leading Zeros requirement removed from policy search:
    You can now search for your POS2 policy numbers with or without entering zeros after the prefix.Example: You can search for a policy by entering FPH3-0000XXXX or FPH3-XXXX. Whichever way you are most comfortable entering the information.
  • Policy Payor fixes:
    These fixes address several issues regarding payor changes.
Version 1.8 - 01/23/2018


  • System Update Details Link Added
    This new enhancement allows users to view the latest updates to Frontline Pro. A banner will display “orange” for 7 days after the Release, and will then turn “gray” after that time.  Clicking the link will take the user to a page that lists the system updates for the Portal.
  • Guardian Endorsement able to be selected
    Fixes issue where user was not able to select the Guardian Endorsement.
  • Trailing Documents – Misc. Fixes
    Several “Trailing Documents” fixes were implemented in this update. These fixes address the majority of the scenarios where a trailing document was being unnecessarily requested.  The specific documents addressed are listed below:
    • Wind Loss Reduction / “Wind Mit” Document – We have now customized the behavior for when this document is required, based on the year built.
    • Flood Document – This is no longer required to upload.  However, this document must be maintained in agency file per underwriting guidelines.
    • RCE – Not required if using MSB via Frontline Pro portal.
    • Proof of Prior – Not required if purchase date is = to policy effective date OR if proof of prior is completed in the “Additional Info” section of the application.
  • Timeout Issues
    Fixes issues where users were not aware of a system “time out,” after which the user would be unable to proceed with their quote/application without logging back into Frontline Pro. The fix takes the user to the Log In page if they are timed out.
  • Resubmitting Exceptions
    Fixes issue on exception quotes, where after being reviewed by underwriting non-premium impacting fields were shown as locked down in the application phase. When users would unlock the application to change these fields they would have to resubmit the policy to underwriting despite having done so previously.
  • Locked Fields not showing “Padlock” Icon
    Fixes the lack of padlock icons appearing next to locked fields in the Underwriting Questions and Loss History sections of the application.  The fields in these sections will now always be editable.
  • Pop-Up window Created for Add/Remove/Edit Mortgage & Additional Interest
    This enhancement is designed to improve ease of use and reduce user errors by moving the Mortgage & Additional Interest fields into a pop-up window in the Application and Policy Change flows (both In-line, and full policy change).
  • Authorization Server Issues
    The issue that was causing the server to go down, which resulted in the portal being inaccessible, was identified and has been fixed.
  • “None Selected” removed from NC Wind Only quote
    This fix removed the ability for a user to quote and bind if the dwelling limit is above 200K and the named storm deductible is set as “none selected”.  This is not an eligible combination.
  • Agency phone number and Name / Document Issue
    Fixes an issue that was causing the incorrect phone number and agency name to display on Cancellation and Reinstatement documents.
  • Removing Mortgage / Payor Not Updating
    When removing a mortgagee, the payor will now automatically be updated to the primary named insured.
  • Backdating Issue
    Functionality added in the portal that prevents backdating by more than 5 days.