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Excellent experience with Frontline for 11 years+. Professional, courteous and a great insurance company. Definitely recommend.
Katy Ulmonsberger was wonderful. A credit to Frontline, and very professional.
They have been very helpful in keeping me updated on needed repairs. Mr. Ramadan was very courteous and is sending me a check to help offset the cost of a new water heater.
Happy Ending: "My Home is: Frontline Certified" Recently, I bought a new home and was recommended Frontline Insurance. As I had been a previous customer of their competition, all I knew was that company for years. I was given the opportunity to learn about t hem, services and benefits. I was connected to a young lady named Christina Ryan. In the underwriting process, it was identified that I needed a water heater. As I am from the "old school" per sey. I usually do not fix what is working if it has been working all along. I was told by Frontline that I needed to replace the water heater in order to have my home certified. My husband is also old school and hard to change his thought process. I was connected to Christine, which had an outstanding customer service and took the time to go through with me. I was not prepared to replace the water heater within 30 days, which was told I had to do. Christina took the time and got me an extension as well listened to my old school thinking over and over Christina went above and beyond to help me as well as get me a cash back incentive to help pay for the water heater. I was truly impressed by this and then to find out after all said and done, I ended up buying a "tankless "new era" gas water heater. To my surprise, I was blessed to get the refund from Frontline, but also found out that my gas company will also help me with a rebate that puts a dent in paying as I placed it on credit. To this end, I am very grateful for Christina and Frontline. As they say, you can teach an old dog, "my husband" new school and we are very pleased to be in the Frontline family and heard if we keep relationship going for 5 years, I will NOT have any hurricane deductible and to me, this is the most amazing insurance policy and will be customer for life :) Thank you Christina for staying with me and working for such an amazing team! You really care about what you do, and to me, that is everything! Warm Regards, Annette Mates
I am a first time home buyer so everything is new to me, but Frontline insurance has been easy to work with and everything has been pretty seamless. Their home inspection was super easy and gives some nice perks down the line.
Very Professional and Thorough inspection. Very Courteous, and knowlegeable. A Great Experience
Our experience with Frontline Insurance was superb. From my initial call to make a property claim to the swift and fair payment of the claim the Frontline representatives and our claim adjuster Ann Crain were professional, friendly and responsive. Ann Crain took the time to thoroughly explain the process and answer all of our questions. She assigned a very professional independent adjuster to examine our roof damage, he did a thorough investigation and gave a fair estimate of the damage and cost for replacement. I previously worked in Human Resources for a large P&C insurance company known for providing outstanding customer service and from my experience Frontline staff's customer service equaled that of my prior company's.
I've had a great experience with this company. Post hurricane Irma, they replaced my roof without issue. Then they came, did a "5 year home inspection" found a couple of minor but potentially damaging plumbing issues and not only made me aware of the problems but reimbursed me for thier repair. Gordon was particularly helpful through the process.
I have had Frontline for a couple of years. They recently contacted me about a home inspection. Their inspector came out and inspected different aspects of my house to look for any potential issues that may result in a claim in the future. Only a minor issue was found and I corrected it. By doing this it helps prevent any possible claims in the future which helps me as the homeowner, and them as the company. Also they provide a claim deductible reduction if everything is corrected. Customer service through this process was top notch( thanks Karim!). Hopefully if I ever have to file a claim I will receive the same treatment!
We have had Frontline homeowners insurance for many years and been happy with the insurance and service. They have performed outside inspections in the past, however, recently they performed an inspection inside and outside. The Home checkup specialist, Kerstin, that came out was very professional, but nice, informative and even discussed the ‘finer points of if airfryer cooking’ with my disabled mother. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. The results of the inspection showed that a new water heater was required and new electrical panels were recommended. However, there was a delay in getting the results by mail, so our 30 day window to get the replacements completed was cut in half and we also had a vacation scheduled during the time period. We called Tina Ryan in the Home Solution Department and she was amazing. She documented the issue, which gave us additional time to complete the required work. Tina provides us with her direct line and email information, so we had someone to contact with updates and questions/concerns. We didn’t plan on having to replace our 24 year old water heater (Hahahaha - we knew it was coming) or the electrical panels, but Frontline made the process as painless as possible.
Frontline Insurance provided me with a home inspection which from the time of the appointment to the inspection and results was so helpful and professional! A recommendation was noted and I was able to complete the recommendation along with an incentive which was great. Everyone was so wonderful. Communication with them is the best I have found. By phone, email and follow-up. I highly recommend Frontline and their programs.
Frontline Insurance thinks the same as we do about our home. We never let things go, we stay on top of things with repairs, maintenance, so it helps protect our investment. Frontline sent an inspector to do a review of our home, in an effort to forward plan, a second set of eyes is always a good thing. We were completely impressed with the professionalism, explaining in detail what was involved. They only wanted to help us, the client, maintain our home. They did find one element that we took care of, and they promptly refunded our expenses. How could we ever ask for more! Thank you Frontline. We appreciate having you in our corner.
Good prices. Good service
Excellent claim service and broad coverage.
I thought I was just signing up for "average home insurance" when I purchased my home, but Frontline has continued to really impress me with their customer service and overall friendliness. They took the time to recommend a few repairs to my home to keep it in good shape (and actually paid for most of the repairs!), and then "Frontline Certified" my home, which should, essentially, lower my deductible if I ever need to make a claim. I've had a great experience with them so far.
It was a pleasure to deal with Frontline on a recent loss assessment claim. Karim and others were prompt and most helpful in addressing our claim.
Frontline Insurance handled my insurance claims following Hurricane Florence with a great spirit of cooperation, understanding, and promptness. My agent, Rickie Kubiak, was always fair and responsive to my concerns.
After working in the insurance industry for over 45 years, Frontline Insurance is one of the best insurance companies we ever represented. Having CNA, Hartford , Travelers, and several other top rated companies, Frontline always had the best staff working for them. I have had my home insured with Frontline since 2001, after Encompass Insurance left the State of Florida, and recently had a home inspection. The inspector was so polite and courteous, and the customer service rep at Frontline who I spoke with , Alma Alvarado, was so helpful that I was able to respond with the requested info immediately . Alma followed up with an email and within one day I received my Frontline Certification. In this day and age when I receive good customer service I am so grateful as it says so much about the Company. Frontline is first class all the way !
I recently filed a claim with Frontline Ins.The desk adjuster Ann Crain who was in charge of my claim was absolutely fantastic in helping me through the process. I can't thank her enough.Frontline is lucky to have people like this in their employ.
What an amazing insurance company. Customer service is superb, response is super quick, the company is fair, and made the horrible impacts of Hurricane Michael tolerable. Highly recommended!!
Very fast and responsive payout to a claim. Impressive customer service. Made sure we were made whole for any and all damage. Good rates for the quality of insurance provided. Free home inspection, and recommendations were reasonable.
A recent hailstorm appeared to have damaged my roof. The insurance inspector agreed and I soon had a check for a roof replacement. No hassles and fast service.
I have Frontline Insurance on my home. They were fantastic in paying out for Hurricane Michael. I received my first big check in 4 weeks. I have had several add-ons and they have processed those quickly. In addition, Frontline lowers your hurricane deductible every year you are claim free (not counting hurricanes) so my deductible was $2800 vs $4700 since I've been with them a couple of years. I highly recommend this company.
Submitted a claim for damage due to Hurricane Irma. Didn’t get assessment until 19 months after the hurricane. I was assigned agent Julie S and she was very responsive and proactive. She reached out to me and kept me informed on multiple occasions on the status of my claim. She called to notify me when the claim was approved—much quicker than I expected. Exemplary employee with superb customer skills.
Great place
Very timely handling of our claim. Never balked at add ons from our contractor to bring our house back up to snuff. Couldn't have had a better experience. Hopefully we won't have to file a claim again, but I'll rest easier during hurricane season with Frontline. Their FJ's are pretty cool too.
Everyone has been very professional and very accommodating!
Over 6 months ago Panama City Florida was hit by Hurricane Micheal and our home was damaged. I placed a call to Frontline and they sent out an insurance adjuster. My claim was processed in a timely manner and every one I have talked to about my claim were kind, knowledgeable and so very helpful. I called them quite a bit and every time I called I talked to a different person, however, each and everyone took the time to answered all my questions, told be how to submit estimates and invoices. Everyone was so helpful and kind during such a terrible time and the aftermath of Hurricane Micheal. Every estimate from contractors and every invoice was immediately taken care of and a check was sent to me to pay all my repairs and contractors. We had to have a new roof, 2 air conditioners, flooring, walls and ceiling repairs etc. never once did Frontline balk at making the payments needed for repairs or replacement. I live in a townhouse complex and a lot of those around me are still fighting and having difficulty getting their insurance to pay what they need tp put their home back together. To some it has been one nightmare after another. Our home has been pretty much repaired due to Frontline. I am still waiting on windows but that is because the contractors are so busy and I am on a waiting list. Which has nothing to due with my insurance company as the money for my windows will be there when I finally get them installed. I have never had to use my homeowners insurance so I wasn’t sure how to go about it, Frontline and all their people helped to make it as easy as possible. They certainly helped to ease the devastating effect Hurricane Micheal had on my life. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Frontline insurance is. I am truly grateful and blessed to have Frontline Insurance on My side. Hurricane Micheal was devastating but Frontline certainly eased the pain by helping us get our home back to the way it was and relieved us of a lot of stress in that process. Thank you Frontline!
Very fair treatment so far.
Customer service has always been great for all the questions I have had for them concerning Hurricane Michael.
Our home had damage from hurricane Irma. At first they paid for the readily seen damage. However our roof was damaged beyond repair and it was 6 months later when I was aware of it. They stepped up and paid for a new roof. I read about insurance companies not wanting you to know you can get paid more for depreciation recovery. Not here! Sara Barcarolo was very helpful in getting me everything we were entitled to. She even sent emails reminding me and asking if the project was done. Very impressive customer service. Also I had only been with Frontline for a year when Irma devastated the neighborhood.
They supported us always during repairs after hurricane Michael.
Customer service above and beyond expectations.
Great customer service. Great to work with through difficult times. My desk agent (Tuan) was great to work with
Very good service especially at a time of increased claims. Professionally handled.
Mike Willis is doing a great job helping me to get my Hurricane claims filed an processed in a timely manner. Greatly appreciated. He responds to my emails in a timely manner as well.
We were devastated by the destruction Hurricane Florence left behind and so appreciated the compassionate, professional and efficient service from everyone at Frontline. Thank you!
Great experience and great team to work with. Very happy with the process and the outcome.
Recently switched to Frontline Insurance and I love the service. The agents are informative, inspectors are thorough and kind, and the Frontline Advocate I dealt with (Tina Ryan) did a great job making sure I get the very most out of my coverage. Comprehensive, attentive insurance teams are very hard to get in Florida. I recommend you check into this type of coverage to protect your home.
After a reimbursement check was issued, I accidentally shredded in in a large stack of junk mail. When I called the company, feeling extremely stupid, they were most helpful and stopped payment on that check and issued a replacement. I think this is definitely above and beyond what could have happened. Glad they are my insurance provider.
I am very impressed with the customer service that this company has. They made getting insured easy and affordable. Samantha was really great to work with. Highly recommend this company! The did a free inspection of my home. 3 minor things needed to be addressed and I was given an incentive to get them fixed. After I submitted pictures and invoices of expenses they sent me an letter stating my home was certified and soon the reimbursement will be headed to me. This is a great service they offer. We addressed the issues now so they do not become a major issue later.
Our claim had to be reopened due to additional damage found from Hurricane Michael. Terry Rhodes, our Catastrophic Claims Adjustor at Frontline got back to us immediately. She made sure our claim was handled promptly and efficiently. She told us exactly what documents we needed to send her and how to send them. Within a week, we knew our damage was covered and the check was in the mail. She actually called us on a Saturday to complete the claim. She was awesome!
An insurance company that is proactive in looking below before something happens is fantastic. I had a part under my sink replaced ASAP. before anything could happen and they reimbursed me in one week. Wish all insurance companies were like Frontline. Thanks again, Kathy Kragh
Very highly recommended! Kept in touch while processing the hurricane damage claim, accepting professional estimate and very fair in covering the cost.
My experiance with Frontline is and was excellent. I was concerned that I had a problem with my roof so I filed a claim With Frontline. Within two days a clean cut young man knocked at my door to inspect the extent of damage. After the inspection he expained the extent of the damage that he was going to report. Again with in days I heard from Frontline acknowledging that there was storm related damage, and that they would be helping pay to have the damage fixed and to expect a check. A day or so l ater a check was received. I subsequently ad d several addlitional calls to explain how various matters would be handled so thta there ould be no surprises. Every contact and call that I had was handled quickly, politely and professionally. The service was superb! I used to manage customer call centers for a large corproration so I know a liitle about customer contact. In all my experiance I have never experianced better handling. I will always reccommend Frontline to friends and family and continue to be a frontline customer. Thank you for such wonderful service Bob Agricola
Samantha was very helpful with my home checkup & getting Frontline Certified.
great people to work with
Good customer service and quick response by adjuster
Wonderful attention to detail, excellent one-on-one customer service.
Good service and prompt handling of claim
Mr. Carter was very Helpful !!
We’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with substantial Hurricane Florence damage and Frontline has been exceptional.
I am very happy with Frontline Insurance! I had an older water heater that needed replacement to have continued coverage and they actually paid me the cost of the water heater! Also, I understand they are the only company that has a disappearing deductible so after a few years you will not pay ANYTHING out of pocket for a claim. Very happy so far and I have had them for about 6 years!
Very easy to work with, Karim walked me through the process of being proactive with my plumbing (30 year old home) Thank you!
I’ve heard many people I know talk about their horror stories with other insurance companies after Hurricane Irma. I was lucky to have Frontline! First class company and helped get through everything. Special recognition goes out to Janet Malik who went above and beyond what is expected! You can tell when someone enjoys their job and is confident in what they do! I’ve recommended Frontline to family and friends ! Don’t look elsewhere for you coverage! Thanks Again Frontline!
Going through a natural disaster like hurricane Florence, the one thing that was really dependable was our homeowners insurance with Frontline. They were there from the start. Timely. Fully covering everything that was affected. So thankful!
This review is specifically regarding the service provided recently by Samantha Bielski. She contacted me to inform me of the results of our home inspection and to explain the tiny bit of work that needed to be done to have our home "certified". (She did this in advance of the email that she sent with this information, in a successful effort to personalize the experience.) She was very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. She made certain I understood what we needed to do and how to follow-up. She also responded to other enquiries I had, and promised to follow-up with me on them, which she has done. I am very happy with her services.
The adjuster came in a timely manner and got my claim processed.
Great experience with this insurance company. We had to file a six figure claim with them for HURRICANE FLORENCE. We worked with Chelsea L. and Paula C. Both of them were professional, understanding and communicated effectively. I couldn’t recommend them more.
I recently changed to Frontline Insurance after my previous insurance company raised my cost after just one year. Frontline was professional from the start, indicating they would be sending someone out to inspect the property and take pictures. It's always a little scary changing insurance companies in Florida, but Frontline took those fears away. They took pictures and about 4 weeks later sent an email with 4 pictures asking me to fix some minor plumbing issues. In addition, they would reimburse me for the quick fixes I could do myself. They submitted the fixes to underwriting with the pics I sent back, and within 3 days said they were accepted. AND received my $40 reimbursement for parts soon after. I would definitely recommend this company for your home owner insurance needs.
I recently had a required inspection of my home. There were a couple of things that needed attention and I was puzzled as was my plumber. Frontline advocate, Jeralyn Martinez worked with me to make sure I was in compliance and kept in touch with me along the way to the final approval. She went way beyond what I would have expected from the Frontline Company and I have only good thing to say about the company and their dedicated employees. P/S My home is in compliance/approved. Thank you, Frontline
Good company, great customer services. Thank you for taking care my family during hurricane Michael. We will stay with you!!
Great experience. Great customer service. Clear expectation setting. Very organized. Super friendly team. Not what you'd expect from an insurance company these days. Truly refreshing. So glad this is my team.
The customer service provided by Frontline Insurance representatives and homeowners' insurance rates are unmatched.
I'm so pleased with FRONTline's service. Everyone I've spoken to there has been extremely friendly, personable and helpful. They always do what they promise which makes for great Customer Service. Karim Ramadan rocks!
Extremely pleased with the customer service representatives and advocates at Frontline. Their knowledge, experience and advice helped me make improvements in my home that made it safer, energy efficient and most importantly, secure. Best advice ever. Thank you.
Customer Service assigned person was great! I got payment promptly. Only negative is appraisal was lower than actual cost. Wish there was a process I could submit the difference for review. I feel like contractor price was closer to actual but I guess you get that from all appraisals.
Responsive, good customer service
We were very impressed with the service of representative Alma Alvarado. She went above & beyond to help, in which most others would've ignored or passed along to someone else. She is an asset to Frontline - courteous, follows thru, and extremely efficient. Thank you for all of your efforts Alma. Sincerely, Joseph DeLuca - Vero Beach, FL.
Great service when we needed it after hurricane Florence.
We had a great experience with Frontline when we decided to change our insurance. They sent a guy to our house to take pictures and he could not been more accommodating, we had to change the day he was coming and he really cared about working around our schedule, plus he was just a great guy. I wish I remembered his name to mention here. We received notice about a week later that we needed to replace a few toilet water lines, we did and promptly received a check for $40 to cover our costs. We received a followup call from Samantha Beilski to thank us and make sure we were happy and satisfied with the service. We definateley were!
Our family has been very pleased with Frontline Insurance from the beginning when the adjuster came to our home until the end dealing with our Frontline agent. Never having filed a claim before, we were skeptical of how our claim would be handled hearing horror stories from friends insured by other companies, but everyone at Frontline has been very kind, courteous and professional. They have gone above and beyond our expectations and we are pleased that our family has been taken care of considering the circumstances. Thank you to everyone at Frontline for always keepig the lines of communication open !
Frontline Insurance offers a free inspection of your home. I had the inspection done on my home several weeks ago. I then received a follow up phone all from Karim Ramadan an advocate for Frontline Insurance . He was very knowledgeable and after reviewing my inspection he advised that the roof looked brand new(replaced 3 months ago) electrical and plumbing were in all in order. Since our water heater was over 18 years, he suggested we consider replacing it and they would give me a credit towards the new water heater. I had it replaced and as it turned out the entire bottom of the water heater was rusted out and it would have caused a flood in my garage within the next 6 months. I sent my invoice, pictures of the new water heater and within 24 hours got a response that a certificate for the house was on its way with a check. This is the best program that Insurance Companies can offer people. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. As for Karim he was kind, understanding and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with him. The best part of this experience as a senior was getting a personal phone call, no email, no text, no letter. A very nice person to deal with via phone. Good luck in this wonderful program that is being offered to your customers. Glad I'm insured with Frontline. Sharon
Wilmington, NC, Hurricane Florence victims. We lost a lot here at the homestead. I had read the reviews on the net regarding Frontline. There are always two sides to every story. Our story with Frontline is very positive. While our neighbors waited and waited and waited some more for their adjusters....that was not the case with Frontline. Three days after the storm they were here, amidst the flooding and heavy destruction. Accurate and fair in accessing damage. We received their check NINE DAYS LATER. They covered our brand new fence, tree damage, tree removal.....the adjuster in his thorough examination even found and paid for damage we failed to see. Our local agent was right. They recommended Frontline for a reason. Couldn’t be more pleased. A five star review is tough to earn. Frontline Insurance....You’ve earned it.
Excellent response to claims and great customer service!
Quick response to all issues after hurricane Florence. Customer service reps were both attentive and patient.
I have only positive things to say about Frontline. Their service was excellent and fast considering the massive damage caused by hurricane Florence. Florence devastated my hometown of New Bern, NC. The adjuster, John Nichols, and Felicia Raudales are experts in this profession and it is evident in that way they handled this claim. Mr. John Nichols was thorough in his inspection and promptly submitted the report. Ms. Felicia Raudales, the claims expert processed the claim expeditiously. Mr. Nichols and Ms. Raudales thank you so very much for your great service. They were compassionate, understanding, and fair with us. My experience with Frontline has been great. I have referred Frontline to others who are having an awful time with their insurance company. Once I get my home back in order I am going to have all my insurance needs covered by Frontline. Thank you Frontline!
Great customer service, knowledgeable, professional and timely with return calls and email responses. Geralyn clearly knows what good customer service is and she executed perfectly (unlike my prior insurer which is why I changed). Highly recommended!
My home is 20 years old. Never thought about the water heaters age since they worked great. I was contacted by Frontline and told I needed to replace my water heaters in order to continue my coverage. At first I didn't like the idea of their request. After thinking about it a couple of months, I realized they were correct. I contacted Home solutions and got all the information as to what I needed to do, and to my surprise, I was told they would also pay $400 of the replace cost. I have never dealt with a company so easy to communicate with. All the folks I talked to were very helpful and knowledgeable. I am a very pleased policyholder for 6 years, and do recommend Frontline.
I would especially like to express my appreciation to April Halladay and Rickie Kubiak. They were wonderful and helped me through a difficult time. Please give them a raise! Thank you!
My contacts with Home Solutions and Frontline Insurance have all been very positive. The individuals with whom I have interacted have all been helpful, friendly, professional and knowledgeable about their products and my policy. An in-person inspection of my home revealed a potential problem area that could have led to future water damage. The Home Solutions personnel and April in particular provided guidance and support in a most positive manner to reduce the potential for a future problem. That benefited me as well as the company, for which I am grateful. It was definitely a customer-friendly experience.
The staff was very nice and professional. They are knowledgeable with their policies and definitely know what they are doing! I was a first time home buyer and they made the process so easy for me. Much appreciated!!!
I have been impressed with the high level of Customer Service provided to me via phone conversations with Front Line Insurance. These folks are ready to answer questions of all nature with understanding and genuine concern. They have always been happy to explain what I don't understand.
Great claims experience here in NC during Florence this year, easy, straight to the point, didn't wait long and they paid well above what I expected.
We've been very happy with them.
My experience with my adjuster, Sarina, has been nothing short of WONDERFUL. She has been compassionate, understanding, and takes the time to explain the processes in detail. She is the kind of person who takes heart in what she does and will walk the journey alongside her clients. During a time of need when things don't always seem bright and positive, it has been so good to know that I have someone to reach out to - someone who truly cares and gets things done. Her support, and Frontline's assistance in general, have been just fantastic. We will never insure with anyone else!
Thank you for taking care of me and my family during the hurricane Michael. Good company, great customer service!
Excellent company to work with on our claim....can't say enough great things about Charles gould, Bob Cunningham, and Bill Hallidale
Awesome company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We called in a claim due to hurricane and they send workers in less than 24 hours
We want to take this opportunity to personally commend one of your employees, Mr. Bob Cunningham, in regards to his handling of our recent claim. Initially, we were very disappointed with the procedural process involved with the follow-up to the inception of the claim filing (scheduling of adjusters, update on status, etc…). When we voiced a concern, it was immediately addressed by Mr. Cunningham. During the process of the claim, he went above and beyond standard customer service to address our concerns and to successfully facilitate the completion of the claim process. He was personable and actually took the time to listen to our anxieties and issues. Such personal service builds great working relationships and insures long term customers. We are so very pleased with the quality of service that Mr. Cunningham provided during this emotional experience. We will be recommending your company to others directly as a result of Mr. Cunningham’s responsive and professional standards. He is an asset to your business. Thank you, Katrina and Scott Woodard
I haven't met my adjuster yet but so far the interactions have been phenomenal. I know all of the adjusters are working hard to indemnify so, so many people and am fortunate that my loss isn't catastrophic. Wanted to let you all know you do a great job from underwriting to the field adjusters!
I live in Big PIne Key Florida an area devastated by Hurricane Irma. I am unable to get an answer as to when my adjuster, Andrew Hank is coming to the Keys. We were the worst hit by Irma. We need answers!
Frontline was great to work with after Matthew--we live beachside on the east coast of FL and really got hit with a lot of wind. The adjusters (from CA) were pleasant and efficient to work with. The claim was settled and we were able to get things fixed/repaired and got back to normal. Yes, it took awhile, but there were a lot of folks on waiting lists for repairs. Now with Irma, we again had damage...and our adjuster (from AZ) had just come up to our area come from the Keys and came over to view/take pics etc. He said it could take several weeks before they will be able to give us a proposed settlement, but meanwhile we should do what we needed to be safe and prevent additional damage. The process is what it is, but the company and the adjusters have been polite and pleasant during a difficult time.
So far the claims process has been painless. I have heard horrible things but it's been pretty smooth so far. Filled claim from Irma a little over a week ago and the adjuster just left. I will update Facebook as things progress.
We suffered wind/water damage with hurricane Irma. Our claim process with Frontline was absolutely painless. We found them (and the adjuster) to be professional, prompt, courteous and they followed-up on a regular basis. We are retired and all I can say is what a relief it was to us when Frontline called to say our claim has been approved. Well done Frontline and thank you.
They have been awesome working with me after we had damage from Irma. First time I have ever had to file a claim and they have made the process easy and were very helpful!
Frontline has been very quick to respond amd take care of our claim, especially since so many people have been affected by Hurricane Irma. Thank you!
I'm a contractor and I recommend Frontline because of their "WhenSafe" program.
My family had a great experience with Frontline. They were responsive and courteous each and every time I have called them. They were quick to send out an adjuster, who took his time and was thorough with his job. I have read the reviews regarding the bad adjusters and I too was apprehensive about who would arrive at my door. When our adjuster, Mr. Duffy, arrived I asked questions of him and his experience to do the job as well as about the process. He understood our concerns and took the time to explain it. He was fair in his evaluations, took plenty of photos and measurements. Once his report was in, we had our money within two weeks so we could start the repairs necessary. Living in Florida we had severe seawall damage which was not covered, wish there was a rider, and had to get an SBA loan to make those repairs. I would like to thank Frontline for their professionalism to my family.
Wow - I'm blown away by negative reviews. This company came to our rescue when we had a leak, water damage and mold. They were with us every step of the way and my claim was 100pct taken care of. Customer service, adjusters, claim agents were in touch with us throughout and payments made directly to the providers. We had to worry about nothing. I highly recommend this company and will continue to do so.
No complaints. I have low premiums. I've had multiple payouts.
Frontline has been absolutely fantastic!!!!! Lots of my neighbors and friends have to fight to get a proper settlement after Hurricane Matthew and Frontline has worked hard and fairly with my family!!! We have one more issue to resolve however up to this point they have been excellent. I would highly recommend Frontline Insurance to anyone.
Great company! Only company that will give you a credit on your hurricane deductible every year you're claim free. I have a 40% credit on my hurricane deductible.
Absolutely Fabulous Florida based company. I have had 2 claims with them the last being a hurricane. Quick to respond and cut checks with no questions for our loss's. Never raised my rates. Selling my home 1765 sq ft and buying a new home 3300 sq ft 2 story home. My premium went up $400.00 for the year. I will keep Front Line as long as they keep me.
As a Florida Insurance agent I personally have nothing but positive things to say about Frontline Insurance. Please note that most of the negative comments for this insurer are really the client's Insurance Agent's fault. It is the insurance agent's responsibility to property rate and review eligibility guidelines prior to securing coverage with any insurer. The insurer then has up to 60 days in most cases to complete their review of the application, review any inspections to confirm the agent placed the policy with the insurer within the insurer's guidelines, if the agent failed to do this the insurer reserves the right to correct the inaccuracies or cancel the policy. If your policy canceled, received a rate increase, or cancelled for ineligible roof type then your review should be of your insurance agent not the insurer. It saddens me to see such a great insurer who is on the forefront of innovation in this industry be on the receiving end of such negativity when it is not really their doing. No other insurer in Florida offers a disappearing hurricane deductible to help families cope with high hurricane deductibles. Frontline also helps inspect homes to advise property owners of items that potentially might lead to the cause of a claim in the future. Trust me few other insurers go out their way for the end benefit of their clients. Prior to leaving a review please consider this comment and think who is really at fault? The insurer or your agent/adviser?
Great place to work
I switched to Frontline in April 2016 because the rate was significantly cheaper than my former insurance provider. I do agree with others who have posted that they did require a more rigorous inspection before they would insure me. I did worry that I might not pass the inspection so I waited to cancel my previous insurance until after I was accepted by Frontline. My roof was damaged during Hurricane Matthew. Frontline was outstanding. Their adjuster assessed the damage and provided a quote (and check) that covered the full cost of the roof (minus the deductible) within weeks of me calling to make a claim. After the roof repair was started, I submitted additional costs for some things that were missed by the adjuster which were quickly approved. My builder (who is a friend) told me that my experience with Frontline was a night and day difference from what most of his other customers who had roof damage were experiencing. In fact, he called me at least five times to ask who my insurer was so he could recommend them to his current customers who did not have nearly as good of an experience. I have read many of the other reviews that were not anywhere near as positive as mine. I don't know anything about the details of their issues. I can only relate to you that my experience was extremely positive.
We've had a wonderful experience with Frontline. Even though we'd never heard of this company, our agent hooked us up with them for our homeowner's policy. After having a broken pipe under our kitchen floor and an overflowing septic system, they were truly wonderful. There was not a single argument about taking care of the repairs (in fact they did more than we would have expected them to do) and the adjuster was a true gentleman and extremely helpful. I have since talked to other people who also have Frontline and have had very easy and fair experiences with them. I will never change companies now that we've found them, with all of the horror stories that we hear about people putting in claims that their company will not cover.
They were fantastic in paying us for our reroofing after hurricane Irma and reimbursing Us for our HOA hurricane loss assessment. Fantastic service....great company!
The staff has been a great help with a stressful event. Helped me get everything fixed.
We own a vacation condo in FL which sustained some damage during Hurricane Irma. Frontline was absolutely wonderful to work with. Immediately after the hurricane hit they sent out several emails telling customers how to reach them to file claims and increased their available hours. Every person I have worked with to file my claims has been knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. Payments were made very promptly. I am completely happy with how they handled my hurricane related claims. There was some confusion on my part about my renewal this summer and because I was late by a day or two (due to lack of clarity in their mailings) they dropped me, reinstated me and increased my rates by more than $100/year. Other than this, I am very happy with Frontline.
Frontline gets an A plus from me!
We lost our home to Michael and for a week tried reaching an adjuster to help us but got the runaround. At the point when we were feeling frustrated and disappointed with the service we were transferred to Schelley in the housing unit. We explained our situation and our dissatisfaction with Frontline and she was compassionate and extremely professional. Her words to us was that the President of Frontline would be disappointed to hear about our experience. She then apologized and asked us to allow her to make things right. A few hours later we were checking into a hotel. It's far from home but we are grateful to have a place to stay with the kids. Later that night she called to make sure we were happy with the hotel and offered to help us even more which brought my husband to tears. Were not sure if Frontline read reviews but we hope that you know how fortunate you are to have an employee like Schelley Roberts. Because of her professional get the job done attitude and commitment to help, instead of 1 star we have given 4 and we plan on staying with Frontline. Please reward her for us, she deserves it.