South Carolina Condominium Owners Insurance

In the face of hurricanes and other misfortunes, we’re committed to protecting your coastal residence with South Carolina condominium coverage. Our expert underwriters are always there to assess your risk and restore your way of life.

Coverage Details

Frontline Insurance customers look to us for South Carolina condominium insurance policies that offer…

  • South Carolina condominium insurance on all beaches and barrier islands.
  • Optional Special Coverage A, which significantly broadens your policy to cover many types of physical losses.
  • Insurance for secondary and seasonal condos, even if they’re used as rental properties.
  • The option to broaden additional coverages within the South Carolina condo policy with our Guardian Endorsement, which provides higher coverage limits for personal property, including specialty items like silverware, watercrafts, trailers, and more.
  • The ability to increase your water damage protection by adding the optional Water Backup Coverage.

Quote Your South Carolina Condominium Online

Our online quoting engine will walk you through the two simple steps required to instantly quote an insurance policy for your North Carolina condominium. Click the link below to start your quote now…

South Carolina Condo Insurance Quote