South Carolina High Value Home Insurance

It’s a luxury to live on the coast, but with the joys come the challenges, and that’s why we offer South Carolina high value homeowners insurance. You can trust our agents to secure what’s most valuable to you.

Coverage Details

Frontline Insurance customers look to us for coverage plans that offer…

  • Liability and hurricane coverage for all of your personal assets.
  • Insurance for high value homes, including those with replacement costs in excess of $10 million and those located along the beach and on barrier islands.
  • Additional coverages available on the South Carolina policy with our Guardian Endorsement, which provides higher coverage limits for personal property, including specialty items like firearms, fine arts, jewelry, coins, furs, and other collectibles.
  • Acceptance of home appraisals to establish the replacement cost of your residence (remember, replacement cost is the value to repair or rebuild your home—not the market value). An agent can also help you determine the replacement cost of your home.
  • Extended replacement cost, covering an additional 25 percent of your home rebuilding costs.
  • An optional Screen Enclosure coverage that takes care of framing, screening, and labor in case of damage.
  • The option to increase your non-flood water damage protection by adding the Water Backup Coverage.